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MSX Review Nº.2 – OCTOBER 2004



Portada MSX Review Nº 2



A long time since our first number, but we haven't felt asleep. We only were waiting for the most important newness that we are going to present to you in this electronic edition.

We are grateful for your support at the first edition and your warm welcome.

Remember that from this edition, the distribution will be only by Internet, then you only have to download our bulletin in this web page.

We hope to be with you in the near future, when we have newess that are on development rigthnow. Come on!.

Best regards.

The staff: Manel Collado - Javier Pérez


In the summary you will find the newness appeared during the last months: the MSX World is working again!. Also, some of this news are in exclusive scoop for MSX Review: Yupipati of Paxanga Soft and the last of Kralizec, Bomb Jack, the MSX2 version of this expected classic.

All explained here and more, you will find in the 26th MSX Users Meeting in Barcelona, the next 30 and 31 of October. Timetable and address:


YUPIPATI With this funny name, contraction in spanish of "Ultimate Rock - Paper- Scissors", Paxanga Soft presents, after more than one year of development, the most prepared production up to now.
BOMB JACK 20 years had being passed since Tehkan LTD launched the excellence classic of the arcade machines. And now, in 2004, Kralizec had surprised us with a new MSX2 version that stand out for the big loyalty in relation to the original.
OBSONET Connect your MSX to Internet via ADSL, with the first Ethernet card designed and constructed for every MSX.
CALL MSX Nº3 The consolidated spanish magazine bring us its contents.


Yupipati is a Puzzle game  and its main aim is based in the traditional game "Rock - Paper - Scissors".

In an 8 per 8 board, two rivals will put the counters, everyone from the opposite side.The counters will be piling up in lines and will come the situation that two counters crash. The confrontations will be solved according to the type of the counter. If the counters doesn't draw, the counter with major hierarchy would move forward on the position that leaves the lost counter when this one explodes.

Yupipati - Game

Like that the counters will open its path to the opposite side and when they arrive then the energy's enemy will be reduced . When a player lose all his energy, is out of action.

The real originality of the game lies in the variety of counters and the extras that you can obtain according to its use.

There are three groups of types of counters: basics (rock, paper, scissors, ...), specials and immediate. The counter's hierarchy is perfectly explained in the manual and his knowledge is essential to control the game.

But the art of Yupipati is not only the strategy. You have to be quick throwing the counters because the rivals are free to put them on the board. Therefore, the balance between mental agility and strategy will be the main factor to reach the victory.

The main menu show us the different game modes: Versus (unique combat), Challenge (one player against all the characters in consecutive combats) and Tournament (multiplayer tournament by qualifying rounds). The Omake section includes the options: configuration, access to the passwords and extra secrets.

Minimum requirements: MSX2 with 128 Ks of RAM and VRAM. The MSX Music is used for the game's melodies and the PSG for sounds effects.

Yupipati is presented in plastic box of 3,5" size, with colour manual and labels. The price is 6€. More information in:


The objective of Bomb Jack is simple: to pick up the screen's bombs to go to the next stage. However, the mission of Jack is going to be more complicate because of enemies apparition, because they are increasing incessantly, and also will affect the wish of the player to add extra points.

During the game is going to appear items that add and multiply the value of the points being cached, or paralyse the enemies and turn the enemies in coins that give us more points as we catch more.

Bomb Jack - Round 1
In addition, if the bombs are collected in fire-bomb order, the points will be multiplied and we would reach the special bonus at the end of the round. In short, Bomb Jack is a game to play with the main objective to achieve the maximum possible points.

The creators had introduced two important changes in relation to the original. First of all, the difficulty level of the first rounds is perceptibly lower in the MSX version: in this way, the less experienced player will come in the dynamic of the game and will improve his skill. On the other hand, while the original is endless, Kralizec had designed an ending after going beyond the round 80.

Can be no doubt that the technical characteristic and the game's graphics are excellent. The movements of Jack and the enemies are extremely smooth. The wallpapers and the sprites design impress us because of his details.

In the other hand, the sounds effects and music, increases the sensation of being playing in the original arcade machine.

Minimum requirements: MSX2 with 64 Kb RAM and 128 KB VRAM. The sound effects and melodies are in PSG.

Bomb Jack is presented in plastic box 3,5" size, with colour cover, manual and label.The price is 15 €.


Using Baboo searching engine ( even is possible to find unpublished japanese software on Internet. Two big quality exemples of this are: Galmoon (MSX2 game like Rune Master with amazing graphics -play it and go to the end, it's worthwhile-) and Brain Drive (like Street Fighter for 1 and 2 players, only for Turbo R).


We have arrived at the end of this second MSX Review, but until the next number, you will find more new contents in our web page. We want to thank you for your 1.000 visits that we have received since the start.

We invite you to collaborate with us. You can send us your comments appreciating the bulletin, informing us of new productions or distributions about a new MSX product.

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