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MSX Review N.1 – FEBRUARY 2004





MSX Review it's a news bulletin that pretends do a revision of the MSX newness that can be acquired in Spain.

The main reasons to do it are: First, to achieve the promotion of the MSX News. Second, to make easy as far as possible the relationship between users and distributors.

In other hand, in the first edition, we have invest a big effort to try to arrive at the maximum number of users in Spain. If you are an user a little disconnected about the last MSX news, we will be very proud, if after reading this first MSX Review, you will be encourage to contact some MSX supplier that appears in this edition.

Best regards.

The staff: Manel Collado - Javier Pérez


Most of you have received MSX Review by post and printed in black and white. This fact has been possible by the effort and the collaboration of a lot of persons.

However, this way of sending is especially for the first bulletin because the normal way to acquire MSX Review will be downloading from our web page.

Then, if you want to have a MSX Review full of colors, you only have to print the document in the PDF format that you have downloaded.

Talking about the periodicity, MSX Review will not have specific dates of publication. Our purpose is to publish every time that we have enough news to comment.


BOMBAMAN The dutch group Team Bomba had present the new game last 17th of January in the Oss Fair. Club Hnostar do the distribution in Spain.
MADRISX'04 The 11th Edition of the MSX Fair in Madrid, that is organized by the MSX Club Power Replay, will be held on March 6th.
CALL MSX The new magazine of MSX with 72 pages full of information in spanish.
DESGALITXAT Covers of MSX games in CD/DVD, T-shirts, pictures...


Is a group of users, represented by Ángel Carmona, that offer us the possibility to have all the MSX game covers scanned in a big quality format. MSX Collection Covers: 1 DVD or 5 CD's full of covers that illustrated the game boxes. The MSX Covers DVD cost 18 Euros. Pictures: pieces in frames printed at maximum quality with the MSX covers, and prepared to hang up. Printed t-shirts with the cover of your favourite game. White, black, of camouflage, with fluorescent graphics… If you have any doubt or more information write to Angel at: or visit his web:


Imanok. During this last years we had being surprised with good games from him (even taking into account the limitation of NestorBasic). Some of his games are: Cat´n´Mouse , Bubble Rain, Gradius III Legends, Final Bout... You can visit his web and download the promos:

Kralizec. Armando Pérez (the author of KPI Ball) and the graphical designer Sutchan, they are working on a new game called Dream On. Its promo is on:

At the MSX's 20th anniversary, Eduardo A. Robsy created the contest MSXdev´03, it consisted to do MSX1 games of 32Kb at maximum lenght. The 3 presented games are: Guru Logic, Penguin Race and Teki Paki. You can download them:

Calamar Group is a group of users specialized on MSX Hardware. They made cables, reparations, ... And they have made an adapter of Playstation joystick to MSX called PSX2MSX. Visit their web:

Paxanga Soft offers you freeware games: MSX Hot Numbers and Don´t Warro! Be Japo! Also in his web you can find MSX news:


In this last section, we would like to thank sincerely all the people and groups that had collaborated to make possible that MSX Review arrives to the maximum number of users. Thanks for all the information and the economic help donated.

In the other hand, from now on, we invite you to collaborate with us in two ways: Sending us valoration comments of this first number, and contact us if you will produce or distribute some new MSX product and like this, we will inform of that.

A last request: if you have received MSX Review by post and you want we inform you when the number 2 be prepared, send us an e-mail with your name to our e-mail address.

See you soon!

English Translation:

Encarni Auñón